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Where is my favorite place?

There’s a place I love to go
It’s 4000 miles from me, but I call it home
This is where it’s easiest for me to fall to sleep
I lay my head on my pillow and don’t breathe a peep
So I can hear his heart beat away at his drum
With this lullaby, my whole body goes numb
My freckled blankets hold me tight
And the nightmares know they are up for a fight
However, the nightmares are too lazy, so they let the dreams in
Now, is where my answer begins
I wake to my pillow’s strong but tender voice
Whispering, “I love you,” which leaves me with no choice,
But to choose his arms as my favorite place

Ya done good with my poem, kid. [: 


Battle of the Night

She walks by day with a bright face,
But once darkness begins to fall, the shadows reveal her ugly scars;
She becomes wicked.
Her beautiful face that shines by day
Has been seized by the shadows.
People who thought they knew her are concerned.
She bites and growls as they try to heal her wounds,
She doesn’t know they are just trying to help.
All she has known is evil.
The gentle touch has always been the bait she’s swallowed,
False compassion is what has always been able to reel her in
And now, she is ruined.
People are trying to reach out and save her, but she continues to fight.
Finally, someone approaches through the quiet, once she thought they had all given up.
She didn’t know he was listening to her cries at night,
She thought he too was fooled by her daylight disguise.
Then again, she knew he had been on her game for a while…
He sat beside her while she turned away,
She didn’t trust him any more than the others,
But by this time, she was worn from her struggles, and ready to give up.
Years went by and he persisted until she trusted him.
What nobody could figure out all those years was that all she needed was love.
The boy had been the only one to see,
For he was not blinded by her daily facade.
He took her hand and together, they healed her wounds.

-Paige Leilani McMullin

Photo taken/edited by Brian LeGoo

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